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I commend you for a first attempt and trying to learn, but as far as IWBTG fangames go, this really doesn't make the cut. There is an extremely large IWBTG fangame community with thousands upon thousands of releases and about a dozen or so engines which have been made for developing those games over the years which this obvious does not use. If you really are interested in making these sorts of games and want to use your own engine I would recommend looking into the core engines that other people use and looking at the source for those to see how they work. I would also recommend against touting a game's "difficulty" in the description, because while you or your friends might find this difficult it really doesn't even come close actual difficulty,  especially when talking about IWBTG fangames. Also, please understand that bad physics and coding does not equal difficulty, it equals bad physics and coding.

P.S. - It's basically sacrilegious to neglect keyboard controls for IWBTG fangames and suggest to play using gamepad. There are a few  players who use gamepad, but keyboard is the traditional and technically more proficient way to play.

There's effort here but this is honestly kinda bad.

I'm also gonna assume you didn't know that there is a community dedicated to making iwbtg fangames and that there are premade iwbtg fangame engines majority of which are for gamemaker.

~75% of my deaths seem to be attributable to 'fake hits' and input lag (EG: character was ordered to jump over approaching obstacle, didn't respond until after respawn, resulting in character jumping into falling spike at respawn point ... IMHO secondary deaths like these should not be added to the tally)

does not detect Logitech Dual Action.

Sorry bout that. You can only use the D-pad on x-input. This was my first game, I  had no idea what I was doing. Well... I still have no idea what I’m doing.  XD

Made a video -