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A young and aspiring scientist attending a prestigious local university spends his days studying, and testing. Many ideas swirling through the vast, dense forest of imagination inside his head. It was a fateful day when he decided to test his newest creation: a controller for the weather and climate for a square kilometer in the direction the controller is pointed.

At least… that’s what he tried to make.

He made his way to an open area to test the device, set the timer to 5 minutes, and then pressed the green button. Unbeknownst to him, a portal opened upon the ground in front of him. He thought he felt the his hair raise, but it was the gravity from the portal pulling at his body. There were a few pedestrians minding their own business, when the portal opened beneath them. They disappeared.

The scientist, unsure of how his device could have made a portal, and where that portal leads, knew only one thing. He had to find those people. It was his fault. So, he jumped in after them, hoping to return home moments later.

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