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This is a Powershell script, and as such requires the use of Powershell to run.

With this tool you can generate prompts as a collection of random words, or you can generate a random synopsis (these turn out fun and silly quite often, the challenge that the characters overcome is a collection of 3 random words, and it can be wonderful), or you can generate a collection of details (possible names, traits, jobs, animals, settings, and some random words). 

You can also generate fake/fantasy words, by choosing the number of syllables in the words.

And lastly, you can generate names, with or without surnames. They're totally random, but you can generate a collection of masculine and feminine names, or just masc or just fem. You can also generate Non-Binary names. (Not to be confused with unisex names, these are more like objects and words you don't often find as names for cis people. They're a lot of fun. After all, my name is Arcade! This also includes names popularized by media.) And you can also generate names from all 3 categories together. 

This generator is a Powershell script created and tested on Windows 11. It should work on Mac and Linux machines as long as you have Powershell installed. 

You may have to right click the file, and select "Run with Powershell."

Powershell is a Terminal (like Command Prompt, or the Terminal on Mac).

On Windows machines, to run an "unsigned" script, you have to change a setting in Windows. 

(Open the Settings app, search "Powershell", and turn on "Allow local Powershell scripts to run without signing")

Running this script by launching it through a .bat file, circumvents this, but you can still make that change if you wish. 

This setting is for safety, as it prevents Powershell scripts from running if Windows doesn't know what they are. You can open up the code for this script and scroll through it to find there is nothing malicious in there.

-Currently some of the arrays (lists) that it the generator pulls from are huge and overwhelming, and I havent taken the time to pare them down. I'll do that someday. 

-I will also eventually make this a standalone executable. Powershell is a special interest, but it's not friendly to those who don't know it.

-I'm not a pro when it comes to this stuff, so the script can act a little strange occassionally, I find it happens when you launch it, and do your first or second generation. I'm not sure why. But if you know why, let me know and I'll fix it up!

This program is free to share. Do not sell. 
No AI was used in the making of this script. 


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